Concert video Andrea Bučková and Mária Kmeťková

Andrea Bučková und Mária Kmeťková joined us for the second weekend of KittseeTanz this year, with an acoustic performance on the piano and harp after our Romeo and Juliet ballet outside. This is the encore from July 20. The concert took place in the Festsaal of Schloss Kittsee, which is the main performance venue for Pannonische Forum, a music project of the Buchmann Agency and Rudolf Buchmann. Regularly members of the Vienna Philharmonic come here to play for the amazing acoustics. A fantastic place for Andrea Bučková and Mária Kmeťková to play. The audience who heard Andrea and Mária’s concert were ecstatic. On the second night, they received two standing ovations.

Burning Hula Hoop girl Dominika

Those who saw the fire show on the second weekend won’t forget girl in the burning hoop any time soon. We asked Dominika how she got started as a fire girl.

“When I was seventeen I saw a fire hoop dancer for the first time. I knew that was what I wanted to do. On my next birthday I got my first fire hoop. Now it is what I do and I’m the largest and only producer of fire hoops in Slovakia.”

What is amazing about her work is how she grooves with the hoop. It’s not just a stunt, it’s dancing at the same time. Dominika’s magic performance is why we invited Let them fly.

Duet from Romeo and Juliet: Sadie Brown and Nick Schultz – 21July Schloss Kittsee

This was the first night Sadie Brown and Nick Schultz from Grand Rapids Ballet Michigan danced.

A beautiful performance of Mario Radacovsky’s Romeo and Juliet with enhanced lighting from Juraj Riedl.

Saturday’s performance on 21 July is happening: if it’s raining, then inside the castle

We had a beautiful performance tonight on Friday 20 July.

Unfortunately rain knocked out most of the second half but Mária Kmeťková and Andrea Bučková offered guests a fabulous piano, harp and voice concert for a great finish to the evening. At least Mercutio didn’t have to die (just before his death, the rain came).

Great news though: we have prepared to dance inside the Festsaal in case of rain tomorrow. If the weather is good, the ballet remains outside.

Tomorrow (July 21) unused tickets from the July 13, 14, 15 and 20 are accepted (as the weather has always been uncertain). Used tickets from July 20 are accepted as well as visitors didn’t see the full second half. Of course, the tickets for July 21 are also accepted.

If you have any questions, please call +43 664/735 75 305 (German and English) or +421 948  335 435 (Slovak and English).

We look forward to seeing you tomorrow at the show!

Some photos from yesterday, Sadie Brown and Nick Schultz’s premiere in Kittsee as Romeo and Juliet:

Sadie Brown as Juliet

Nicholas Schultz as Romeo leads Mercutio Daniel Corbeil and corps-de-ballet

Rachael Riley. Daniel Corbeil, Klaudia Biterrova, Nick Schultz, Barbora

Photos from the first weekend


Romeo-Mercutio-with-Montague-girls 2





balcony-scene night









Juliet at the ball

Juliet at the ball. Here is where Juliet first really makes the acquaintance of Romeo. Romeo and Mercutio are in disguise at the ball of the Capulets. It’s love at first sight.

This is from the afternoon performance on Sunday 15 July, hence the bright sunlight. For evening performances, there is a dark and romantic atmosphere with the castle behind lit (see photos).

Patricia Barker is Lady Capulet, Rachael Riley is Juliet, Andrej Szabo is Tybalt, Arthur Abram is Romeo and Daniel Corbeil is Mercutio. Choreography Mario Radacovsky. Dancers from Balet Bratislava and Grand Rapids Ballet Company Michigan.

Duo Andrea Bučková and Mária Kmeťková

Andrea Bučková studied Theater Directing at the Theatre Faculty of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. She developed her passion for music very early in her life. Her first compositions, created at the age of 16, were met with positive reviews from the critics. At the moment, Andrea devotes most of her time to composing her own songs, playing the piano as well as singing. Her music is capable of impressing even the most demanding audience.

Andrea Bučková

At KitsseeTanz festival, she will present her latest project accompanied by a versatile harpist Mária Kmeťková. Mária is a graduate from the Academy of Performing Arts and the recipient of the award for the best Slovak harpist among conservatory students (2006). These two talented musicians have already played together at last year’s Bratislava Jazz Days and have recently released their CD “In the middle of…”

Andrea’s emotional song arrangements, the extraordinary combination of piano, vocal and harp colours and experimenting with the usual sound of harp – those are the things that create a very special music project that can be characterized by strong musical themes and strong emotions, tenderness and temperament.

Here you can listen to a sample of her music:

Extra Performance | Tickets for 14 July

We will be adding an additional evening performance Friday 20 July at 20.00 (not 16.00 as on the original German poster, definitely 20.00) to make up for the lost Saturday 14 July Performance.

All tickets from rained out performances will be honoured on either 20 or 21 July at your choice. If we need additional VIP seating we will put it in.

Thanks for being part of KittseeTanz!

Sunday 15 performance is on

The performance on Sunday is taking place.

The weather report for the afternoon shows some sun. We have a dry floor for the dancers and dry chairs for the audience.

See you this afternoon!

Saturday evening show – Katka Knechtova concert at 10pm

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to all who attended the beautiful premiere last night. At the last minute we had sunshine as well as eight mayors of neighbouring towns.

The weather is looking rough again tonight.

If the ballet cannot take place, the Katka Knechtová concert will take place in side the castle at 10pm.

See you there.