Dear KittseeTanz visitors,

The Musikverein Koncert will definitely take place at 19.00. If it is not actively raining after 20.00, we will dance the ballet Romeo and Juliet tonight.

See you soon!

Here’s a picture from the dress rehearsal on Thursday 13 July to whet your appetite.

Katarina Knechtova to perform on July 14 after the ballet

We are thrilled to announce that Katarina Knechtová will bring her musicians and her new album Tasjomstvá (Secrets) to Schloss Kittsee on 14.7 for a very special post-ballet concert at 22.00. I’ve personally been a great admirer of Katka Knechtová’s music since I first came to Slovakia six years ago. Knechtova’s music both with Peha and solo has marked whole generations. I’m delighted to be able to share her music with an international audience.

Final Cast for Romeo and Juliet

The final cast list for Romeo and Juliet is just in. It is an exciting mix of Ballet Bratislava and Grand Rapids Ballet Company (GRBC). I’m particularly keen to see the visiting Juliets dance to compare with Natália Némethová and Katarína Košíko. Both of these talented dancers are lost in Seefestspiele Mörbisch this summer (Die Fledermaus).

Juliet: Rachel Riley (GRBC)/ Sadie Brown (GRBC)

Romeo: Arthur Abram (BB) / Nick  Schultz  (GRBC)

Mercutio: Daniel Corbeil (BB) / Tamás Csizmadia (BB)

Tybalt: Andrej Szabo (BB) / Dan Datcu (BB)

Lady Capulet: Patricia Barker (GRBC) / Katarína Kaanová (BB)

Corps de ballet: Klaudia Bittererová (BB), Barbora Blahová (BB), Sadie Brown (GRBC)/ Rachel Riley (GRBC),  Natasa Dudar (BB), Laura McQueen Schultz (GRBC), Arthur Abram (BB) / Nick  Schultz (GRBC), Tamás Csizmadia / Daniel Corbeil (BB), Dan Datcu/ Andrej Szabo (BB)

Tybalt Juliet mother
Andrej Szabo as Tybalt and Katarína Kaanová as Lady Capulet

Introducing our Guest Dancers from GRBC

We’re delighted to be able to share with you the official list of our guests coming from Grand Rapids Ballet Company (GBRC) in North America.

Patricia Barker will be dancing the important role of Lady Capulet, Juliet’s mother. Patricia is the artistic director of GBRC and for many years was prima ballerina in the Pacific Northwest Ballet in Seattle.

Other dancers include two Juliettes: Rachael Riley and Sadie Brown. A Romeo is coming over as well, Nick Schultz. Laura McQueen Schultz coming to support the corps-de-ballet.

Here is GBRC in rehearsal for Romeo and Juliet:


Phone Reservations

From today, you can make reservations by telephone. Our number is +43 664 735 75 305.

Your tickets will be sent to you via post or you can pick them up from next week at Raifeissen Bank in Kittsee.

In case you are coming from Slovakia, you can book your tickets via or call 02-529 333 23. You can also order them directly from us by visiting the Tickets section.

Renaissance Music for Marching Bands

Hurdy Gurdy

The Music Circle of Kittsee will perform atmospheric music both before the show and during the break. Finding the right music for the Renaissance theme is not as easy as it looks at first glance.

There’s a lot of Renaissance music out there, but the music was conceived for different musical instruments than we have today. In the Renaissance, people played Hurdy-Gurdies, recorders or Baroque trumpets. These are not instruments which a normal contemporary musician plays. Besides church music, Renaissance composers created choral works. It was common to have no more than four voice, which suits small groups, but is not so good for a large marching band.

We continue the quest for just the right music for Kittsee’s musical circle.

First Posters

Here are the first posters for the new Romeo and Juliet hot off the press. Which one do you prefer?

20120503 RJ poster 03

Poster 1: Lady Capulet und Julia

20120503 RJ poster 04

Poster 2