Final Cast for Romeo and Juliet

The final cast list for Romeo and Juliet is just in. It is an exciting mix of Ballet Bratislava and Grand Rapids Ballet Company (GRBC). I’m particularly keen to see the visiting Juliets dance to compare with Natália Némethová and Katarína Košíko. Both of these talented dancers are lost in Seefestspiele Mörbisch this summer (Die Fledermaus).

Juliet: Rachel Riley (GRBC)/ Sadie Brown (GRBC)

Romeo: Arthur Abram (BB) / Nick  Schultz  (GRBC)

Mercutio: Daniel Corbeil (BB) / Tamás Csizmadia (BB)

Tybalt: Andrej Szabo (BB) / Dan Datcu (BB)

Lady Capulet: Patricia Barker (GRBC) / Katarína Kaanová (BB)

Corps de ballet: Klaudia Bittererová (BB), Barbora Blahová (BB), Sadie Brown (GRBC)/ Rachel Riley (GRBC),  Natasa Dudar (BB), Laura McQueen Schultz (GRBC), Arthur Abram (BB) / Nick  Schultz (GRBC), Tamás Csizmadia / Daniel Corbeil (BB), Dan Datcu/ Andrej Szabo (BB)

Tybalt Juliet mother
Andrej Szabo as Tybalt and Katarína Kaanová as Lady Capulet

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